Overpopulation of the stray cats has been an issue in Cyprus for a long time. The latest estimates say that in this country of 1.2 million people there are around 1.5 to 2 million homeless cats.

There has always been cats in Cyprus, even to the point of the island possibly being the birthplace of the domesticated cat as far as we know today. Excavations of stone age villages have unearthed cat remains and proven the cat's domestication in Cyprus thousands of years before Egypt. Archaeologists believe that the cats were introduced to Cyprus in order to fight mice around the same time with the earliest cereal cultivation in the area.

The cats did what they were brought there for but since they weren't spayed it did not take long for them to overtake the island in turn. Despite their vital role in removing these pests the cats are now seen as pests themselves in the modern day Cyprus and many simply don't care about their overpopulation, believing that the nature will handle the problem itself.

The government has funded some spaying campaigns of the cats, but in such small numbers that this drop in the ocean sort of managing the issue hasn't really made any difference.