1. You're interested in one of our organization's cats, wonderful! Check out our adoption contract below and fill in the home check form here. Please fill the form carefully so we can find the right home for the right cat and can avoid having to find them a new one. The information you will give us on the form will only be used in the process of adopting our cats out and will be handled with utmost care and confidentiality. Filling the form alone does not bind you in any way.
  2. We will contact you either by e-mail or by phone and discuss the adoption in more detail.
  3. If the adoption goes forward, we will arrange a home check that will be done by a representative of the organization to all homes interested in adopting a cat from us by video (example in the link).
  4. If the cat and the home have found each other by this point, it is time to pay the cat's expense compensation (300€/1 cat, 500€/2 cats) to our organization. The expense compensation will be paid when the adoption decision has been made and it has to show on the organization's bank account FI26 5092 0920 5228 26 (write the cat's name as the message) before the cat will change hands. The expense compensation consists of the cat's EU-passport, microchip, vaccines, testing for infectious diseases, flea, tick and deworming medication, veterinary checkup, TRACES-documentation, the cat's ticket from Cyprus to Finland and the registration of the cat's microchip to Please keep in mind that we won't be refunding the payment if you happen to cancel the adoption after this point and will instead use the money in full to help the homeless cats of Cyprus.
  5. A contract binding both the organization and the new owner is made of each cat. You will print and fill this form twice (2) and bring both with you when you come and pick up the cat, if the cat is over six months old and fostered in Kerava. Cats under six months old are picked up straight from the airport, see number 6 below. Please be prepared to show us your id when you do so.
  6. If the cat is under 6 months old when adopted: Because of a change in law starting from 1.1.2024 cats under 6 months of age will go directly to their homes from Cyprus. The cat's expense compensation will be paid when reserving the cat and the adoption contract will have to be signed online before the cat's flight. You will get more detailed instructions of this during the adoption process.
  7. After you've taken the cat or cats home join a group on Facebook called Kodin saaneet Kyproskissat. The adoption contract binds you to inform the organization about how the cat is adjusting to its new home once a month for the first three months after adopting, but we of course hope to hear from the cat way more and way longer than that. If you're not on Facebook, you can use WhatsApp or e-mail instead and write to us at