Because of a change in the animal welfare law starting from January 2024 all cats under the age of six months have to be given out straight to their own people at the airport.

In case we need to prove to the customs officers that our cats have homes waiting for them in Finland all kittens this young have to have their expense compensation paid and adoption contract signed before their flight.

The Food Authority requires that the adoption contract for kittens under the age of six months has to be made directly between the adopter and a foreign operator, in this case our partner organization in Cyprus, P.A.W.S.. You can sign the adoption contract online here. You will get your own copy at the airport signed and stamped by the organization.

The expense compensation is paid to the organization's bank account FI26 5092 0920 5228 26. For one cat this is 300€, for two 500€. Recipient is Kyproskissat ry. Write the cat's name or names as the message. Kyproskissat ry will transfer the sum unshorthened to the bank account of P.A.W.S..

We will tell you the details of your cat's flight well in advance and will update you along the way. From Finavia's website you can track the flights arriving to Helsinki-Vantaa, the departure city is Larnaca. We recommend coming to the airport about a half an hour after the flight has landed at the earliest as it takes some time to get the cats from the plane and through the possible customs check.


The organization's carriers will travel back to Cyprus for the next cats needing them.

At the airport you will be greeted by Krista. Call or message me if we can't find each other.

With your cat you will get their passport, TRACES-document, adoption contract and written instructions concerning the first weeks at home (downloadable in PDF form on this page as well, see "Adopting a kitten").

The kittens have eaten mainly digestion friendly gastrointestinal (for example Royal Canin) in Cyprus, which you can have at home ready and waiting as well. Their cat litter has been wood pellets or clay based sand depending on their foster home. If you want to have the same litter waiting at home, ask us which one your kitten is used to.

Join our Facebook-group Kodin saaneet Kyproskissat while waiting to come pick up your cat or right after at the latest.

See you at the airport!