Kyproskissat ry is a non profit organization founded in 2022 in Kerava, Finland. The organization's business id is 3266809-9. We are registered in TRACES, our Food Authority in Finland and the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland (FI000016754425). In Cyprus we are partnered with P.A.W.S., Protecting Animals Without Shelter (3768).

The driving force behind the organization is Krista Rutanen and Valeria Rippa. Krista handles the organization and cats in Finland, Valeria in Cyprus. Friends we became via Kira, a cat Valeria rescued and Krista adopted in 2018.

Krista has the education of an animal trainer and years of volunteering experience from several different Finnish animal protection organizations, the local cat shelter as well as those that have brought dogs from Spain to Finland. Valeria has volunteered also for years first in her home country Italy and then in Cyprus, from where she has managed the adoptions of 250 cats before our organization was founded.

The purpose of our organization is to help the homeless cats of Cyprus both locally and abroad, to inform people about different ways they can help too and to bring cats from Cyprus to Finland for adoption.

Our organization's cats do not come from shelters as there aren't many of those in Cyprus, but instead straight from the streets to Valeria and from Valeria to Krista.