More info on our adoption process and a link to the home check form here.

Eve and Elliot are searching for a home together! The siblings were abandoned with their mother at our feeding spot at the park in May 2022. First the whole family was picked up by our friend Marina, who will keep the mother on her yard as she refuses to be an indoor cat. Eve and Elliot came to Finland, to foster care in Kerava, dewormed, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV and FeLV on the 21st of August 2022. They were homed within the same month but came back to our organization to search for a new home in February 2024 after their family's child became jealous of them and took his frustration out directly on the cats. Now these soon 2-year-old siblings are both very affectionate and get along well with humans and cats alike. Eve is a bit braver of the two, where Elliot needs some time with new people. Elliot is a whopping 6kg of a lap cat, Eve a silly meower. Familiar with going out on a leash. Both have been spayed/neutered and vaccinated as should.

Taigen is searching for a home! Taigen, Akemi and Mizu who we lost later were found at our feeding spot at the park on the 27th of November. Because the girls were the smallest ones there Valeria meant to take only them, but didn't have the heart to leave behind then 3 months old Taigen, so all three got off the streets and on to foster care. Now six months old Taigen is a very playful boy who doesn't care to be picked up, but likes attention a lot. He came to Finland and foster care in Kerava neutered, dewormed, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV and FeLV on the 19th of February. Can be adopted to befriend another cat or with another one of our organization's cats.